How To Get FYP On TikTok


If you are a regular TikTok user then you might have known the gems of FYP it is basically a For You Page that features the viral content of the app. If the algorithm of TikTok believes that a particular video has the potential to go viral then it will be placed on the FYP, based on the activities and likes of the user who is watching.

If you have seen the explore page on the Instagram then you might find FYP very identical to that it is a continuous feed of viral content that the algorithm believes might interest you. The feed suggestion is based on your activities such as the accounts you follow, or the hashtag you have interacted with, or even the videos that you have created based on your region. FYP is totally your game if you know how to work with the algorithm.

How “For You” differs from Instagram?

FYP, as explained above just like Instagram but it works differently because the FYP displays content from the strangers based on your likes. However, Instagram is more of a private palace and it features content that is posted by your friends, family, or the people you follow. Getting on FYP means changing your life forever because it makes you internet famous in a matter of few minutes.

Getting featured on the TikTok’s FYP

Ensure to post only High-Quality content

Before posting any video just imagine yourself as a potential viewer and rate your video on the basis of that. If you are posting low quality videos then there is a high chance that TikTok might reject your videos because of the low quality and blurry content.

Make sure that the lights are proper and the subject is in focus. Additional editing will work as a cherry on top and your hard work will definitely take you on the top of the FYP page where your video deserves to stand.

Always Aim to Make Shorter Videos

Make your video short and precise and even if you are making long videos then make sure to keep your viewers engaged because once your viewers skipped without watching compete video it means that you are going down.

Tiktok has a metric that detects how much time any viewer is giving to your videos if they the users are giving less time and skipping your videos more often then the metric will start pushing your video down  and you will be off the charts.

Make sure to keep the videos consistent and short and always prefer quality over quantity because it fades with time if the quality is not ensured.

Religiously Follow the TikTok Trends

When someone is creating new TikTok videos then properly do the research and follow the trends you should keep an eye on what’s trending and make videos that fit right into the trend. Spend time brainstorming your videos before you finally put out a plan to post it this will help you to stay on top of the trend and it will also push your videos up as it gain more views and followers.

You can also trick the users by watching you video till the end like revealing a hot news or announcing a giveaway all of these tricks will work in your favor when people will watch your videos till the end.

Make Sure to Put Popular Music or Trending Sounds to Your Videos

With more regular use of TikTok you will understand the songs that are trending or the sound that are on top. You can sue that to you advantage and work on your videos using that sound it will keep you on top of the trend and will also highlight your videos. Using tending audios is a great way to land on FYP page and it will also ensure your popularity.

You can hop on the trend by selecting the trending sound from the top of the screen while you are creating any video. From the playlist you can find the most popular music and sounds which you can use in your stories to gain the traction that you want.

Post Engaging Captions

Like Twitter, TikTok also has a limit of 150 characters so you need to be really creative with the ideas of putting up engaging captions along with the hashtags. Putting right hashtags, will make your video stand out and it will also ensure that more viewers are watching it so it can be pushed to the trending page.

While writing captions make sure to write short and specific content that targets your audience there is no need to tell long-length stories nobody will read it and no one prefers reading captions over videos so it’s better to keep it short and direct.

Put a lot of Hashtags

Hashtags are the ticket to your popularity, many AI algorithms works in different ways it can pick your least viewed video and it will reject your most engaging videos. It is typical and no one can understand that. However, users believe that putting a lot of FYP related hashtags will land them on the viral which is sort of true because it works for the extremely popular creators.

The other creators use a mix and match rule where they mix most popular and least popular hashtags for whatever works out for them.

Post Engaging Videos When Your Audience are The Most Active

Engagement is the most important factor for any marketing campaigns on social media the more you are engaged with your audience the more are your chances to move up the ladder. This is true for this case as well, the more engaged you are the more of your videos will show up on the feed.

There is one big shot that you can play by shifting your profile to TikTok business, it will help you show the analytics for example it will tell you when a certain set of audience is online and either its your targeted market or not so if most of your targeted market is online at a 7 pm then you make sure that you post videos at 7 pm to gain maximum engagement.


The techniques mentioned above will bring you more likes and engagement that will help push your content on the top.

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