How To Record And Edit Videos In Tiktok

Past few years are very tough for all of us due to Covid-19, many of us need to be quarantine ourselves to protect our love ones. In those times, Tik Tok really help us all to keep us busy. Now in the years of 2021 and 2022 TikTok becomes more popular than ever. The reason of its popularity lies in it, TikToker or creators can make and share original entertaining content. It mostly requires you to be creative and ready to share your idea with the world.

To becomes a TikToker you do not need to be popular or have huge following. Any individual can be a creator, and produce videos on TikTok. You just need to have phone and talent. But you should also understand the fact that not on all videos you can receive many likes or followings. It takes time to get perfected at making and editing an entertaining video.

If you watch Tik Tok and part of the community, you can understand the variety on it. You can find dance, skits, music, and many things on those 15 second’s videos.  And if you are recording videos you must know about TikTok camera and the basics of using it.

How To Make A Video And Edit It On Tiktok?

When we see the TikTok camera it makes us feel easy to use, but it needs certain things which we should know before using it. Our better knowledge of the Tik Tok camera is beneficial for ourselves, we can produce entertaining and engaging content. Remember this that you can share positive and negative both kind of content with these videos and they reflected about you, your personality, brand etc.

These are some recording things we should know.

  • Flip tool makes you to shift between front and back cameras, it’s your decision from which you want to make a video.
  • You can choose the speed of your video by using speed tool.
  • It is very important, because our appearance is a big part of the video so to make you more attractive beauty tool can be use.
  • As like the other cameras, TikTok camera also offer us to use filters, like contrast, color, brightness, etc.
  • A tool which can help you during recording a video is a timer, it can pause a video as you like.
  • There are many effects, or animations which you can use to enhance your audio and video.
  • With the help of this tool, you can make a photograph into montage videos.

For Recoding A Video

When you start to record a video, you need to set a length of you video. The length can be of 15 seconds or 60 seconds. When you open the TikTok app, in the bottom you find a + sign press it. Camera open with the 15 seconds if you like to change it, just swipe left. Now start to record a video.

This is one of the best options, the timer. It is helpful for those creators who have no camera man. This feature gives you the countdown before record a video. So put your phone on a certain place and then set a timer. You can find this feature after clicking on the + sign. On the right side you can see a timer option tap it and set the time 3 to 10 seconds then start the countdown.

The ability to change the speed of the video is an attractive thing, Tik Tok videos give us the chance to do that, just before recording. The slowest speed is 0.3x, then 0.5x, 1x, 2x, and the fastest is 3x. When we open the Tik Tok camera for recording at the bottom right tap the speed button, choose your desire speed from the five above and start recording.

Tiktok  Filters & Effects

Tiktok have many filters and effects, you just understand which suits your video. After opening the TikTok camera, click the filter at the right side of the screen. It opens up the filter gallery, where you can choose and apply it to your video press the screen and start your video.

Effects are important also; you can find them on the bottom left corner of TikTok camera. In the effects gallery choose according to your video requirement, then tap to leave the gallery. Stat recording.

This is very interesting editing feature of TikTok, it allows you to add a song or music in your TikTok video. The sound adding button you can find in the TikTok camera at the top of the screen. After clicking on it you have two options, one is searching a song by typing and second is to search in the Tik Tok playlist. Click on it, hear it and then tap on the red checkmark it is on the right, it adds the song in your video.


But many people want to improvise things and they like to add their own voices in their videos. It calls voiceover, for doing that record a video. After doing this you can see in the bottom right a red checkmark presses it. In the right click the voiceover button, and then record the voice or sound you like to add. In the options untick the keep original sound option. After completing your voice save it by clicking at the upper right. If you like any more changes, do it and post it.

Beauty is important, so a video without impressive representation is not good, all you need to do before starting a video with the TikTok camera. Click the beauty button that lies at the right side of the screen, it provides a beauty filter, and after that start recording a video.

Now you completed your editing, watch it on posting screen, you can see your video on a loop.  Now adjust the privacy before posting, once you are sure about everything go and press the button post.

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