How To Set TikTok Music As A Ringtone For IPhone

TikTok is one the fastest growing social networking sites which who’s viewership is increasing day by day. We all know that it is a Chinese brand but it has most users in U.S. TikTok have the potential to make anyone a star or celebrity. Mostly young generation have shown great interests in it.

The tiny video sharing network is used in about 150 countries and has over 1 billion users, with over 200 million downloads in the United States alone. This just goes to show how popular TikTok is among customers.

On the platform nowadays, there are an overabundance of content providers who come up with fresh trends, videos, and content. The software is mostly aimed towards the millennial and Generation Z generations. According to estimates, 56 percent of US consumers under the age of 24 use the TikTok platform. TikTok is a substantially distinct software than those previously utilized by Americans. You can join and be followed, and it has a similar appearance and feel to other social media platforms with a focus on friend feeds. There are “celebrities,” many of whom are groomed by the firm. There are messages. Individuals can engage with them as they would any other networking application.


One of the most intriguing aspects of TikTok is how a sound on the app may go popular independently of the video in which it appears. In many occasions, viral TikTok sounds ignite large trends, resulting in hundreds of thousands of new videos. Many users have been left asking how they may use these infectious sounds outside of the app.

There are many times when we do not know about the song or music which we like to use as our ringtone. So to avoid that kind of situation we need to save the TikTok MP3 to our phones.

When you browse TikTok videos, you will notice that many of them feature amazing background music and tunes. If you want to use one of these songs or audio files as your ringtone, you can do it efficiently. We usually get pleased and cheery whenever we listen our favorite TikTok sound. This is why people use TikTok audio as a ringtone, alarm, and other alert noises. But the problem is how to convert a TikTok sound into an iPhone ringtone? So, this is the answer below.

How To Set TikTok Music As A Ringtone For IPhone

Make A TikTok Video On Your Iphone:

TikTok is an effecient app, which gives its users a choice, that they can download the videos frlm the app or they can record it. Yes! After recording a clip in your voice you can use it as DIY format of the actual music.

Go to the iPhone control centre and hard click the screen recording button; you’ll find a couple of apps that you can record directly from there.

You can either select TikTok or leave it alone. You may be interested in selecting a sound from the TikTok Sound Top 100.

2: Tap the Microphone Off button to toggle it to the ON position.

3: Now, touch the record button and open TikTok to record the music you wish to use as your ringtone.

Make a TikTok audio MP3 file.

You can use GarageBand, but iphone users can record their voices or music by voice memo to use in TikTok and later on save it in their iphones.

1: Launch your voice memo and TikTok video.

2: Tap to begin recording, then switch to the TikTok interface to view the video.

3: When the video concludes, stop recording, and the audio should be available in your Voice Memo app.

4: Find the voice memo and select Share and Save to Files.

5: Using GarageBand, convert the recorded TikTok into an alarm/ringtone for your iPhone.

You can use TikTok to MP3 Converter to download MP3 files to your device by clicking here.

Yes, and now for the instructions on how to download TikTok music for iPhone ringtones.


  1. Download and install the “MusicToRingtone” app from the AppStore.
  2. Download the “GabareBand” app from the AppStore.

Steps for implementation:

Step 1: Launch MusicToRingtone.

Step 2: Click the “Load” option, then choose the TikTok MP3 file from your device to use as your ringtone.

Step 3: Cut the TikTok music and specify the length of the ringtone you want to make.

Step 4: Click “Save,” then “Share as GarageBand file.”

Step 5: Go to GarageBand and tap it.

Step 6: GarageBand will launch with the imported ringtone. Tap and hold the file to bring up the menu.

Step 7: Tap “Share,” then “Ringtone.”

Step 8: Select “Continue,” “Export,” and “OK.” The ringtone will start to be exported.

Step 9: On your iPhone, launch the “Settings” app.

Step 10: Choose “Sound & Haptics,” then “Ringtone.”

Step 11: You’ll see the ringtone you just made here. You’re done when you tap.

Where To Find Audios:

If you are a regular TikTok user, you’ve undoubtedly already discovered some interesting tunes and unique sounds on your For You Page that you’d like to transform into ringtones.

You can add anything you like in your videos by adding them in your favourites. And you also do not need to be scared, it is easy process to find your type or like of music on TikTok and later using them. All you have to do is click on the discover tab with the tone you want, you can also take help of for you page.

When you’ve found something, you like, convert it into a ringtone file. Unfortunately, there isn’t a button that just says “put as ringtone” and you’re done. But if you work hard enough, you can do it with just your Android phone and a free app.


The simplest method is to extract the audio from a TikTok video, edit it with a professional editing application like iMyFone Filme, and then export it as MP3 to listen to through your iPhone’s alarm app. Make sure to specify the correct volume and clip length while using Filme. You can use Filme’s extensive audio editing tools for this.

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