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How To Set TikTok Music As A Ringtones For Android


TikTok is in the prime stages of its popularity it has surpassed all other opponents in its way and has emerged as a leading platform especially for teenagers. The platform is utilized by then to create creative and engaging content that has also taken the company to different heights.

TikTok is working in approximately 150 countries with more than 1 billion users. The app is alone downloaded 200 million times in the US, According to the data, TikTok accounts for 56% of the users who are under 24 years.

TikTok is full of interactive content, dance, music, videos, tones, challenges, you name it and it’s there. There is also a dedicated ‘For You Page’ that features the most engaging and the most famous content people who lands on the For You page ultimately gains popularity due to their visibility and exposure. If you are scrolling through TikTok videos and found a ringtone or a song that you want to set it as a ringtone on tour smartphone then it is very easy and this article will detail the process.

Setting TikTok Music As A Ringtone For Android Phones

Looking for methods to extract ringtones from TikTok videos? Don’t worry and follow these simple steps:

The first step is to download TikTok video that you wish to turn to ringtone. The video can simply be downloaded by using a sharing button that is present on the interface having an inverted arrow like icon. Click on it and press ‘Save as’ to download your video in the phone storage or on your device.

For example, if you are looking at a video that doesn’t have a save button then there is also a way to bypass that. You have to press on the text that is running down on the video displaying the details of the sound. Upon clicking, it will open a list of videos that other users have created using the same sound. Look for the videos that has a save button and then you can repeat the exact same process detailed above to download the videos.

Coming to the main part, the extraction of audio from the TikTok videos, all you have to do is to use the ‘Audio extractor’ tool. Download the app that extracts audio from file and launch it on your smartphone, now choose the file you want to extract and upload it on the tool. Once uploaded, press the ‘Extract Audio’ option and wait for the extraction process. Using the app, you can also select the starting and the ending time for your audio files.

Once done, download the extracted file in your ringtones folder. When the file has finished downloading, then move to your ringtone folder to make sure that the file is saved. Now from the settings you can set the audio file as your ringtone.

Frequently Asked Questions:

How do you make a song your ringtone on Android?

The process will be the same, you just have to select the ringtone using the sound and vibrations settings, it will enable you to use your favorite ringtones. However, there is another option as well that you can use which is searching for the ringtone on Play Store you can use ringtones apps to set your favorite ringtones.

How do you change ringtone on android?

There are various ways to choose a ringtone. You have to go to settings and then select the ‘Sound and Vibrations’ option from there you can set your favorite ringtone. However, you can also directly select the ringtone from the audio app by setting it as ringtone.

You can also use the third party app for easy access of ringtones.

Can you download TikTok sounds?

Yes, you cane adult download TikTok sounds using the third party downloaders.

How do I make a TikTok sound?

It also has many ways. The easiest one is to use the TikTok in-built features or it can also be achieved by using the third-party apps that additionally offers various options of ringtones. You can also create sounds using voice commands, for instance, you can start recording the sound and then say ‘Snap’ to create a sound clip of you snapping your fingers.

How do I turn a video into a ringtone?

The two very easy methods are to use the ringtone app or the video convertors. Ringtone apps like Tone shifts and video convertors like Handbrake or VLC will serve the purpose.

How do I make a video my ringtone on Oppo?

It’s very easy! You need to open the settings app from your oppo smartphone and tap on the ‘Sound and notification’ option. Using this option, you can easily select the ringtone you want to set on your phone whenever you receive  a call. You can choose the ringtone as per your preference.


Following this guide you cane say easily set your ringtones extracted from the TikTok videos. Try the method and let us know.

How do I make a TikTok my ringtone on Android?
On your Android phones you can download the TikTok videos using above mentioned process and then choosing the ringtone from the sound and vibrations option present in the settings.
To make TikTok sound your ringtone you need to go to the ‘Settings’ option of your phone and then clicking on the ringtones section to select your fav TikTok video as ringtone.
With Samsung smartphones you have to download the TikTok videos and then extract the ringtones after that locate the video from the sound section and move it to ringtones section. From there you can choose your ringtone.
To achieve this, you first need to convert your video into sounds using the audio extractor and once it is done then you can set the sound as your ringtone using the folder settings.

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