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Tiktok has recently become one of the biggest social media platforms due to its short-form video format that has taken over the globe. The rising popularity of TikTok has made big tech giants to introduce TikTok-like features in their offerings.

The videos that appear on the FYP page gains immense popularity and traction based on their nation due to which content creators can make some good bucks and in turn more and more creators are attracted towards the app.

Talking about SnapTik, it come under attention when people started registering flaws in the TikTok app such as watermarks. The videos that are downloaded contains watermark or logo that are sometimes difficult to remove due to which the aesthetic bit of the content gets compromised.

To solve the problem, SnapTik comes into play s it offers watermark free downloads of TikTok video and it is extremely easy to use. This article will detail everything you need to know about this awesome TikTok video downloader.

In order to gain a good insight to Snaptik and it’s features then you have to keep reading this article and pay close attention to its usage part that what will serve the basic purpose of snaptik downloader.

Brief Review About SnapTik

SnapTik is a TikTok video downloader that helps you to download videos without any watermark. The watermark tends to ruin the quality of the videos hence tools like SnapTik comes into play to satisfy your aesthetic needs.

In case you want watermarks on your video then it’s an easy process as the application itself has the built-in feature but the SnapTik downloader will offer you to remove this watermark to enhance the quality of your video.

SnapTik’s popularity can be seen by the number of downloads that shows the first choice of preference for its users. The website also offers many different functions apart from just downloading TikTok video.

The downloading process is extremely easily as it’s easy to use interface itself guides the users to use the tool. The best about this tool is that it is compatible with all the devices and all the operating systems, which is incredible because iPhone users suffers the most due to the lack of apps and programs.

How To Download Videos On Tiktok Via SnapTik

This section is the most important one as it explain the way to download videos using SnapTik. However, it’s very easy and you don’t need any guide but still for the beginners this guide will help them ease the process. Here’s how to use the downloader:

  • Login to the TikTok app using your smartphone or if you don’t have the app then download and create the account
  • The next step is to search for the videos that you want to download without watermark
  • Once you found the video then look for the share button that is an inverted arrow icon
  • Press the ‘Copy Link’ option that will be used in the downloader later on
  • Now, open your browser and search for the SnapTik browser click on the first link that appears
  • The next step is to paste the copied link in the SnapTik’s interface that has a search bar
  • Now, click ok the ‘green’ download button
  • Now you will be given these server links to choose from
  • The first preference is the ‘Server 1’ that will download watermark free videos for you
  • If you 1st server didn’t work then go for the 2nd server
  • Now press download and wait for the video to start downloading automatically
  • Once you are done, then check for the downloaded video in your default folder
  • Make sure to check the video either it has watermark or not because sometimes a glitch doesn’t remove the watermark

Full Features of SnapTik TikTok Application

This section will discuss the features of SnapTik that has made the website an instant hit. The developers has used the correct strategy to launch the website in the peak times of TikTok. The following features has helped the downloader to gain immense popularity:

1. Free Of Cost

The first feature is that the SnapTik downloader is free of cost, which is incredible because such features always comes at a cost but it is not true with SnapTik as it offers it services completely free of cost.

So, no more worries about the money because you have got SnapTik. You can also download as many videos as you want without any restrictions or additional money.

2.Much Faster Process

The second best feature about this tool is the speed of downloading. Once you enter the site and start processing your video then its just a matter of seconds till you get the downloaded video in your phone.

3. From Watermark

This feature is the most demanded feature of SnapTik as users are attracted to this website only to download watermark free videos. This feature is also free and you will not find any logo in the downloaded results.

Not only TikTok’s video, there will also be no logo of SnapTik itself, this enhances the quality of the video that is already in HD format.

But, once you are removing the watermark it becomes the ultimate responsibility of the user to ask the owner of the video before proceeding because if the owner found his video on any other social platform then he might charge you under copyright infringement laws. 


Does SnapTik save copies?

No, SnapTik does not save copies of your downloads. It is completely anonymous.

Is SnapTik free?

Yes, it is completely free of cost

Does SnapTik works on all devices?

Yes, it is compatible with all devices and all operating systems

It has advertisements?

Yes, SnapTik runs ads to generate revenue but that is not bothersome.


This guide has detailed everything about SnapTik and it’s usage, you can read and use this easy-to-use downloader for downloading your videos. If you want videos without any watermark then this tool will really help you to ease the process.

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