TikTok Videos Funny 2021: A Year in Review

Laugh, Download, Repeat: Capturing TikTok's Best Moments of 2021

TikTok Videos Funny 2021
TikTok Videos Funny 2021

TikTok Videos Funny 2021: A Year in Review

TikTok Videos Funny 2021: As 2021 wraps up, it’s clear that TikTok has once again dominated our digital lives, offering a treasure trove of laughter, creativity, and unexpected moments that have brought us together in a year like no other.

From heartwarming animal antics to dance trends that got the world moving

TikTok’s diverse content continues to capture the hearts of millions. For those looking to keep a piece of this joy, Snaptik provides an easy, user-friendly solution to download and save your favorite TikTok videos. Let’s dive into the year’s highlights, showcasing the best of TikTok’s funny video content.

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Drone Dancing Sensation

The year kicked off with @totouchanemu, who brought a new angle to dance videos by incorporating drone technology, dancing to “Stay” by The Kid LAROI and Justin Bieber. This innovative approach to capturing dance moves earned the video over 300 million views, setting the tone for a year of creative content.

Squishy the Chipmunk

Animal videos always hold a special place on TikTok, and 2021 was no exception. @chipmunksoftiktok featured Squishy, the chipmunk, charming viewers by stuffing his cheeks with nuts. This adorable spectacle not only captured the essence of nature’s simplicity but also garnered 270 million views.

Restocking ASMR

The oddly satisfying trend of restocking household items became an unexpected source of relaxation and joy. @_catben_ shared her routine of filling up containers with essentials around the house, turning a mundane task into an ASMR hit with over 200 million views.

Artistic Dog Goes Viral

Creativity knows no bounds, especially when it comes to pets on TikTok. @my_aussie_gal showcased Secret, the Australian shepherd, who painted a beautiful picture of a flower. This display of talent amazed viewers, earning the video 183 million views.

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Zach King’s Magical Moments

Zach King continued to astonish his audience with his seamless camera tricks. One notable video featured King stepping onto a hyperrealistic drawing and magically falling in, a skit that attracted over 174 million views for its creativity and execution.

Dance Trends Take Over

TikTok’s dance culture thrived with @tracy.oj leading the charge with her original “Woman” dance video, inspired by Doja Cat’s hit song. This dance trend captured the platform’s spirit, with millions participating and watching, contributing to the video’s 170 million views.

Unique and Whimsical Entries

From road trips with a giant toad to musical homages to pets, TikTok’s range of content never ceases to amaze. @chaotticgoood and @felixgabrielmusic, among others, brought their unique visions to life, engaging millions with their creativity and humor.

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Snaptik: Your Gateway to Memorable TikToks

As we celebrate these moments that brought laughter and joy, Snaptik stands out as the go-to platform for effortlessly downloading and preserving your favorite TikTok videos. Whether it’s the mesmerizing dance routines, heartwarming pet videos, or the sheer creativity of TikTok creators, Snaptik ensures these memories are just a click away.

In conclusion, TikTok’s funny videos of 2021 have not only entertained but also brought us closer, proving that even in the most challenging times, joy and creativity can flourish. As we look forward to another year of innovative and amusing content, remember that with Snaptik, these moments are never lost but saved for laughter and smiles for years to come.

Can I download any TikTok video using Snaptik?
Yes, Snaptik allows you to download most TikTok videos, provided you have the link to the video. However, videos from private accounts or those restricted by the uploader may not be available for download.
No, Snaptik operates online through its website. You do not need to install any software or applications to download TikTok videos.
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